No more cut and pasting! BiZRAS Auto Blog Posting System has 1 Click Post to 2, 6 or 10 of Your WordPress Blog Sites!

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BiZRAS Auto Blog Posting System – 1 Click Post to 2 or 10 of Your WordPress Blog Sites.  No more cut and pasting!

Bizness Inc BiZRAS Auto Blog Posting System Click On this link get a FREE WordPress Blog Site, FREE Hosting for It on your available domain you enter when you sign up for a BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System plan. See our discount prices in red!

Control your WordPress blog posts from 1 web location/account. You can set up optional separate headers and footers for each WordPress blog site you post to.  This means you can send out a post to 2, 6 or 10 of your WordPress Blog sites with posts that are all unique.  Post to any subset of your WordPress blog sites that you add to the BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System.  Blog Posts can be one-time or recurring. 

Imagine all the links on yout postd going back to you or your clients web sites to promote your or their products and services!

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