Auto Blog Posting Solution

Bizness Inc.’s BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System

1 Click Post to all your WordPress Blog Sites including to your existing Twitter and FaceBook accounts. Imagine all the links on all your posts to all your or your customers promotion pages that you are advertising or promoting!

Sign up today and get a FREE WordPress blog site, and FREE hosting for that WordPress Blog site. Click on this Auto Blog Post Pricing link for more pricing info.

Save time and set up advance posting or even recurring posts. No more cut and pasting. You can write your blogs, days, weeks or months in advance and even set the when that post is to launch. You can write a series of posts to launch all automatically on the current day or future days you determine.

So while you are on vacation, without ever having to log in to WordPress, FaceBook or Twitter you posts are being sent out over the web automatically.

Control all posts from 1 web application that you can access anywhere in the world. This Blog Automation Web Application is your solution to save tons of time, control your posts and even refire the same post content months later to save you retyping. You can even post to 1 or multiple posting categories and tags on your WordPress Blog Site. We have plans that let you you click once and your post can go out to 40 of your WordPress Blog Sites!

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